10666068_10204963213664639_1133180066943222114_nMatthew Clark is a comic book artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. A fan of comics since his teens, he’s had the pleasure of creating art for many of his favorite series… everything from the most well-known DC characters in comic book history, to innovative new takes on characters with Marvel, to his own original concepts.

Matthew is a native Oregonian and has lived in the heart of downtown Portland since the late 90s. He loves to walk around this fair city (mainly because he sold his car and needed to force himself to exercise). He was also one of the original founders of Mercury Studio (now Periscope Studio) and got his start at Studiosaurus.

He still reads comics, loves what he does, and works very hard. Like many nerds, Matthew loves to meet new people who share his interests, but is really quiet (and happens to have great hair).


Adventures of Superman (DC) pencils
Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood (DC) pencils and inks issue #3
Doom Patrol (DC) pencils and covers [posts]
Felon (Image/Top Cow) pencils
Final Crisis: Submit (DC) pencils
Ghost Rider (Marvel) pencils [posts]
Huntress: Year One (DC) cover art and costume design
Inhumans and War of Kings Saga (Marvel) pencils
Outsiders (DC) pencils and covers [posts]
Supergirl (DC) pencils and inks for Origins and Omens back-up [posts]
Tangent: Superman’s Reign (DC) pencils [posts]
Vampirella (Marvel) pencils
Wonder Woman (DC) pencils

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  1. Hi Matthew, I just wanted to say thankyou for taking the time to talk to me and go through my Portfolio at the New York Comic con, hopefully you’ve fully recovered (as everyone else seems to have needed the best part of a week to feel human again) I was the loud Australian guy at the Kubert table.

    I just wanted to say that your time and advice was appreciated, and that I hope the con was good to you.

    With regards
    Patrick Thompson

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